Wall-Mounted Tiles


flokk luminaires and installations can be modularly combined and consist of both hardware and software components. They can react to one another, environmental triggers and internet data and are therefore able to display information in the form of light effects. A patented algorithm ensures that the quantity of light in the room remains constant, despite the animation. If one OLED gets darker, the opposite will automatically light up, and vice versa, thus creating a pleasant lighting atmosphere.

flokk wall-mounted tiles make it easy to design and implement light installations for interior spaces. Featuring double-sided OLEDs, the system can be mounted onto a facing through a bore hole. The arrangement of the tiles can be freely chosen and offers many different design possibilities. The cabling is also very simple: flokk wall-mounted tiles are daisy chained and supplied with electricity (36 VDC). They are controlled by an Open Media Controller, which can be connected to different sensors if desired. Software can be adapted to the requirements of the client and user, and an SDK (Software Development Kit) containing sample code is available.

Photo: flokk wall-mounted tile installation inside the MyNAB Shop of the NEUE AARGAUER BANK. Copyright: Tom Bisig


flokk Driver Unit

Mechanical Specification

  • Outer Dimensions: 70 x 30 x 14mm (L x W x H)

Electrical Specification

  • Operating Voltage: 26 – 42 V
  • Driver Channels: 2
  • Output Current: 350mA/500mA/800mA (configurable by solder bridge)
  • Dimming Resolution: 16 Bit (65536 Steps) per Channel
  • PWM Driver Chip: MBI6020
  • LED Driver Chip: LM3406HV
  • Driver Topology: Buck Regulator


  • Data Input 3-Pol Connector (Data/Clock/GND)
  • Data Output 3-Pol Connector (Data/Clock/GND)
  • Power Input 2-Pol Connector (V+/GND)
  • Driver Output 2-Pol (V+/GND) per Channel

Control Unit

  • Open Media Controller: