flokk is the first true smart lighting control deserving the name. All natural sources of light, like sun and fire are dynamic. Our human bodies’ rhythms are tied and synchronized to these constant changes. But since the invention of artificial light sources, starting with the light bulb, to fluorescent tubes, CFLs, LEDs and OLEDs, mankind has created its own constant illumination. With the invention and implementation of LEDs for lighting purposes, light is considered to be digital and unnatural.

flokk has already been implemented in a number of product prototypes. These luminaires think illumination in a totally different way. The GRID series consists of a number of social lights reacting to both inputs from remote and surrounding spaces, creating a luminaire that is part of your social interactions. But despite this, it also provides the necessary light to illuminate your rooms. Whereas GRID is a more sculptural luminaire, the CIRRUS series features luminaires of different sizes that can be mounted to ceilings or walls. In this case, the luminaire gathers data about the weather and re-interprets this information into a pleasant and subtle light choreography.